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Full Academic Year

4Places Available for September 2023- 2024

Secondary School Full Academic Year

Sept-June full time secondary school curriculum

Aprox. 40 weeks accommodation with a host family, that includes:

Junior Summer Camp

1 week accommodation with a host Family, that includes:
Breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday
Private bedroom
Bathroom facilities
Laundry service
Internet access
Ireland Connections mentor 24/7 …

Home-stay Immersion Programme

Ireland Connections offers students the chance to practise their spoken English by staying in the home of an Irish host family and experiencing first-hand the daily lives of Irish famili. Talk to us!

Summer Surfers

Our Summer Surf Camps are a great way for students to practise their English in a fast paced environment. Our camps cater for all levels from beginners to advanced surfers. The students attend our Surf camps along with Irish children so the groups are mixed nationalities with all instructions given in English.  

Why learn English in Ireland?

If you need to improve or learn English, there is nothing better than studying in a country where it is spoken by everyone. Imagine: You will be immersed in the language 24 hours a day! You’ll be in an English speaking class, chatting with colleagues or strolling through the city center, you’ll always be surrounded by the language and native speakers. With all these opportunities to practice, you will be surprised with the ease at which you will learn English fast and enjoyably!
Come and enjoy it!


Work experience

English lessons

Full Academic Year

Junior Summer Camp

Tours of Ireland

Airport welcome, transfers

And  much more…

Junior Summer Camp